Summer Trip

posted Jul 10, 2012, 7:56 AM by Heather Campbell
Jamie and I celebrated our 5 years of marriage by taking a fabulous trip up north.  We went to Cleveland, Cedar Point, Niagara Falls, NYC, and then  headed to Binghamton to spend time with family.  We had such a great time but it was extremely hard being away from Ryan for a week.  By the end of our vacation, I was itching to get to Binghamton to meet up with my little man!!!  My parents drove him up to NY on the 4th so we could all spend time with our family and celebrate my cousin's graduation.

Ryan was awesome in the car and was happy to see us when he got there!  We went to a cookout that evening and Ryan was excited to splash around in the pool with my cousins.  However, the next day my sweet boy woke up with a high fever and we quickly realized he had another ear infection.  We took him to a Walk-in (Urgent Care) to get him some antibiotics for yet another double ear infection.  He was out of it that whole day and most of the next day but that didn't stop him.  We took him to ride the carousel when his fever went down and he looked miserable.  We took him off the ride and were going to take him home to rest but he wasn't having that.  He ran back to the carousel and started bouncing up and down like the horses.  It was so cute and it made us realize that he was enjoying himself even though he looked pitiful. 

Once he started feeling better, we took Ryan to the Ross Park Zoo.  His Grandpa took him into the goat area to pet and feed them.  He really enjoyed it.  Then, when we were near the birds, Ryan LOVED talking to the birds.  As soon as a bird would call out, Ryan would answer.  He even danced with my a cockatoo.  He was too funny with the animals.

The last day there we went to my cousin's graduation party.  There was a DJ and a dance floor with my little man getting down with everyone.  He would not leave the dance floor and was the life of the party.  The party lasted for 4 hours and Ryan danced the whole time.  By the end he was so exhausted that he couldn't even stand he sat on the dance floor and continued dancing.  Finally, he even laid down on the dance floor and kept grooving.  It was HILARIOUS!  That's my boy!!

We were worried about the car ride back because we were going in one straight shot (about 11 hours) but he was fantastic yet again.  I am so proud of him!