Disney World 2014

posted Oct 1, 2014, 5:34 PM by Heather Campbell
We were able to get Ryan back to Disney World this September and boy was he excited!  I was surprised how much he remembered from last year's trip (he was only 2).  He was happy to have Hannah along this time and he showed her all of his favorite rides and characters.  I wasn't quite sure what this trip would be like with a new baby and an unpredictable 3 year old.  However, to my surprise, it was quite easy.  Ryan was having a blast and had very few temper tantrums and Hannah, well, she's just  the easiest baby.  She had 2 teeth coming in at the same time and still managed to be full of smiles and laughs all day, each day.  The hardest part about the whole trip was dealing with strollers in the rain.  
Going this time, Ryan was right on the 40 inch mark so we were worried he wouldn't get on some of the really fun rides that we knew he would love.  However, we had great luck with that and he made it onto all of the 40 inch rides throughout all of the Disney Parks except Soarin'.  He LOVED Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain so I'm so glad he made it on!!  His favorite ride, though, was the 7 Dwarves Mine Train Ride (the brand new one).  He was able to ride it 4 times so he was a happy boy! 
I was surprised at all the rides Hannah was able to ride, especially at Magic Kingdom. I think her favorite was actually Small World because of all the colors and objects.  She was watching so intently to see what was coming next.  She also loved the Buzz Lightyear ride and Dumbo.  
We were able to do 2 Character Breakfasts for Ryan.  One was with Disney Junior characters - Jake and the Pirates, Sophia, and Doc McStuffins and the other was with Mickey, Pluto, and Stitch.  Pluto has been Ryan's favorite so he was especially excited to see him, but he sure did love Stitch when he met him too.  
We can't wait to get them back to the Happiest Place on Earth!!  We're hoping to start a June tradition beginning next year.  That way I don't have to miss any work, but it's not Easter (too crowded) or the middle of summer (too hot).