Our happy little man...

posted Jan 29, 2012, 9:55 AM by Heather Campbell
I must say, nine months old is my favorite age so far!!!  I have loved every month along the way and making memories with my sweet boy, but his current stage absolutely melts my heart!  I have many wonderful updates to share with all of you...
Ryan is back to sleeping excellent at night and napping great each day.  He had gone through a stage where he would wake up and would want Mommy and Daddy to come see him.  He would cry and scream at each wake up period throughout the night.  It was really hard on us but we tried the Ferber Method and it worked like a charm.  He's back to his normal routine of going to bed at 8 and sleeping til 6:30-7:00 without crying all night.  YAY!!!!
 He's been in the best mood and is always on the go.  He enjoys crawling, clapping, waving, and "talking" which all 4 just make my day.  He has become an excellent crawler and absolutely loves this independence.  When he sees something he wants he just takes off and giggles the whole way, especially when chasing our pets.  It's absolutely precious to watch him chase the animals and pet them. 
Ryan is getting so close to walking.  He walks great with help, especially with his green dinosaur walker but needs more confidence to walk on his own.  He will stand on his own but you can tell he's nervous to take a step.
Daycare is going great.  We LOVE the new room Ryan is in.   He is in the Toddler room and is the youngest by far.  He is the only non-walker so I think he will definitely start walking soon.  He has so many friends to watch all day and I'm sure Ryan wants to be able to do what they can do.  His teachers say that he fits right in and loves moving around all day with his friends.  He does art every day, gets to go to the "big room" to play, and gets outdoor playtime when it's nice weather.  The teachers also told us that he's their best eater.  ;-)  I can believe that because he loves meal times ever since he started eating "real food" instead of baby food.  He thinks he's such a hot shot eating what Mommy and Daddy eat.  I just love it!

Our little man is growing so fast and is into something new everyday.  There's nothing like watching him grow, learn, and play each day and it's always exciting sharing it with all of our loved ones.  :-)