Ryan is 4 months old!!

posted Aug 13, 2011, 5:19 AM by James Campbell   [ updated Aug 13, 2011, 10:46 AM ]
Ryan is now 4 months old and a lot of new things have been happening in his life.  First of all, he's still growing like a weed!!  We will go for his 4 month check up on Monday so I will let you know how much he weighs and how tall he is after we get home from the doctor.  
There has been so much going on and a lot to update you on so enjoy the post.  Also, we finally uploaded a new slideshow.  Make sure to check it out in the post below this one.  It has some smiling pictures, first time eating rice cereal, family visits, and so much more!!

A few weeks ago Ryan started wanting about 10 ounces of food before going to bed.  Then he started waking up again in the night for even more.  The formula was no longer enough to hold him over and he was eating way too much.  We decided it was time for him to start rice cereal.  It was definitely a new experience for him and he wasn't sure what to think at first.  His first few bites were immediately spit back out and he seemed more interested in the spoon instead.  But, he figured it out fast and became a huge fan of rice cereal.  We make it even thicker now and he seems to like it even better.  So far we're only giving it to him in the evening but that will probably be changing soon.

Ryan took his first trip to New York a week ago.  We thought we were in for a VERY long car ride but he did absolutely wonderful!  I still can't get over how easy he made it for us.  We made a few long stops to get him out of the car for a bit and made it in 12 hours (usually a 10-11 hour drive).  That's not bad at all!  He had a great time up there but we certainly wore him out.  We took him to the Spedie Fest/Balloon Rally hoping that he would enjoy all the colorful hot air balloons.  However, he chose to sleep through the entire thing.  Oh well, Jamie and I certainly enjoyed it!    We appreciate everyone taking time to see us.  We know everyone is busy so it means a lot to us to spend time with you!! 

Ryan started daycare on Monday.  I was very worried because he was exhausted from the NY trip and he typically doesn't nap in a new place.  I was right, he didn't nap the first day but by the end of the week he was taking hour long naps.  Yay!!  I think he's really going to like daycare because he gets to be around other Ryan sized people!  I went to pick him up yesterday and one of the babies was leaning against the swing he was in and cooing with him.  It was absolutely precious!!!!  
 When he got home from his first day of daycare he was worn out and slept the entire evening!

Rolling over:
I know I've already talked about him rolling over in previous posts but he's becoming quite the pro at it.  He can roll both directions and does it all the time.  He's trying to scootch when he's on his belly to prepare him for crawling.  Obviously (from the picture above) he still prefers to roll on to his belly when he's sleeping.