Christmas 2010

posted Dec 30, 2010, 10:42 AM by Heather Campbell   [ updated Dec 30, 2010, 11:18 AM by James Campbell ]
This Christmas has been the most special for many reasons.  First of all, Christmas time is my favorite time of year and being pregnant has made it even more special.  We were able to spend a lot of quality time with family, which means so much to us.  Also, we had our very first white Christmas!!  I didn't believe the weathermen when they started calling for snow, but we actually did have a White Christmas!!  We ended up with between 4-5 inches of snow and it truly was a winter wonderland.  Not to be greedy, but now I want to wake up to a winter wonderland on Christmas day instead of it waiting til evening to begin.  However, I am ecstatic that we were able to have snow on Christmas. 

Jamie and I had a fabulous Christmas, but so did Ryan!  He received some wonderful gifts from so many people who love him already!!  He got his first Panthers outfit (hopefully they'll have a better year next year so he can wear it proudly), adorable clothes, toys, bottles, books, diapers, picture frames, diaper bag, and towels.  Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful, sweet gifts!!  We appreciate everything that you guys have done for us and Ryan!

I just went to the doctor a few days ago and Ryan is doing great!  His heartbeat is 148 bpm and is growing just fine.  The first thing the doctor said when he was checking Ryan's heartbeat was "We have ourselves a wiggle worm".  That made me laugh because it is so true.  My little man moves around all day long these days and at times feels like he's attacking me.  I love every minute of it.  I never knew you could feel so close to someone you've never met.  I feel such an attachment to him and when he moves around it makes that attachment even stronger.  I can just feel his personality and can't wait to meet him! 

We have some exciting daycare news!!  We have been looking at daycares for a few months now and looked at a few more the other day.  We looked into McGill and were ready to make a decision when Jamie said we were going to look at Kids R Kids first.  I was a little disappointed because I remembered it being out of our price range and thought it would be too tempting to go look.  We already knew we loved the place and I didn't want to get excited about it all over again and not be able to afford it.  However, we went to Kids R Kids and the price was lower than I remembered it being, plus I get a 10% discount being a teacher.  The deal maker was when they said we don't have to pay to hold a spot during the summer!!!!!  Yayyyyyyy!  We took a tour and loved everything about this place and can't wait for Ryan to go there!!  We are going this evening to put down a deposit to save Ryan's spot for August!  We are so excited and beside ourselves because we know we aren't settling at all for our little man!! 

Our house on our very first white Christmas!!

We just love this picture of the tree in front of my parents' house.

The doggies loved the snow!!  It was hard getting them in to the house.

Ryan's Christmas gifts and ginormous stocking!