My Happy Boy

posted Nov 6, 2012, 1:12 PM by Heather Campbell
A few posts back I mentioned Ryan's awful temper tantrums.  They were getting pretty ugly and I couldn't believe how sudden they began.  However, for the past week they have disappeared!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are gone for good, yet I know that's not the case.  In the meantime, though, I am ecstatic to have my happy boy back!!  He has been back to his usual silly, giggly, and fun-loving self that I absolutely adore! 

Ryan has become a huge fan of cars.  He loves playing with his Hot Wheels cars which makes his daddy very happy.  He can't wait to pull out all of his cars and his ramps and "vroom" "vroom" throughout the living room.  He's also learning the names of all his cars.  The Charger is his favorite, which will make his Grandpa proud. 
He's also come a long way learning his shapes.  He knows most of the basic shapes and can't wait to show us each shape and put each one in the correct place with one of his shape toys.  It amazes me how quickly Ryan has learned so many new things and how proud he is of himself as he's learning.  Keep it up sweet boy!!