18 Month update

posted Oct 26, 2012, 6:11 AM by Heather Campbell
I can't believe Ryan is 18 months old!!  Time sure does fly!  The past few months have been filled with many changes, some good, others not so wonderful.  Ryan has been working so hard to learn many new words, shapes, and colors.  It's incredible to watch him grow and learn new things each day.  We have ourselves a little smartypants!  One change that's not so wonderful is that I have a feeling the "Terrible Twos" are beginning early with Ryan.  Just a few weeks ago he began throwing serious tantrums.  Not just a crying fit, but throwing himself to the floor, screaming, and flailing everywhere!  I never knew this child was capable of showing that much frustration and anger.  The first time was terrifying for me because I had never seen that side of him before.  He has also become even more attached to me the past few months.  If I'm not around, he's fine.  However, if I'm in the room, he has to be with me or he's not happy.  If I walk away or if someone else tries to play with him he begins one of awful tantrums.  I sure do hope this is a phase because he is wearing me out!!

Ryan has moved up to a new daycare room with kids he can chase around so he's extremely happy with that.  He has also been reunited with his favorite teacher so that makes it even better! 

I'm so excited about Halloween coming up.  Ryan was sick last Halloween so we couldn't even dress him in his adorable costume.  This year, he's going to be Frankenstein and we're going trick or treating with 3 of his friends.  We've already taught him how to say "trick or treat" so he's ready to go.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that him and his friends stay healthy for the big evening!

Some of my new favorite things that Ryan does:

*After drinking his sippy of milk at night he gives me and Jamie a big hug and kiss, says "Night-Night", and runs to his crib.  It melts my heart every time!!

*When he leaves with Jamie for daycare, he walks to the car, turns around, says "bye-bye Mommy" and waves.  I don't get to see this very often because I typically leave before them but I LOVE seeing him off to daycare because of this! 

*He loves playing with his Hot Wheels cars and is learning the names of each car. 

*He gives Lulu (our cat) kisses any chance he gets.  Any kiss this child gives is the cutest and sweetest.

*He LOVES to dance. He twirls around, bounces, and now shakes back and forth.  Toooo stinking cute!

*He enjoys helping me do chores.  He hands me clothes as I do laundry and hands me dishes when I'm loading or unloading the dishwasher.