posted Oct 31, 2012, 5:28 PM by Heather Campbell
I have been so excited about Halloween for weeks.  I couldn't wait to dress Ryan up and take him out with his friends for some fun. 
I left work right on time, picked up Ryan from daycare, dressed him up as Frankenstein and let the fun begin!  We began by trick-or-treating at Grammy and Grandpa's house.  I couldn't believe that he finally let me put his hat on because we had been trying to get him to wear his costume for weeks to give it a try.  I knew at that point that we were in for a good night!  :-)
After showing off his costume to Grammy, we met up with some friends for dinner.  The twins we went with were dressed as cheerleaders and Ryan was excited to cheer with them..."Go, go, go".  The real fun began after dinner.  We took the kiddos to their daycare for a fall festival.  Ryan loved the games, dancing, candy, and waving to everyone.  He loved seeing pumpkins everywhere and had to point out every single one.  Haha.  I think the highlights of his night were decorating his cookie (because the icing was delicious) and hunting down Erica (his daycare teacher) throughout the evening.
When we got home I changed him in his pajamas and he immediately took himself to bed.  He gave me a hug and kiss and said "Night-night".  He was exhausted and wasn't going to waste anytime getting snuggled up in bed. 
Needless to say, it was a successful Halloween with my sweet little monster!!  More wonderful memories made!