Ryan's first Halloween!

posted Nov 3, 2011, 1:43 PM by Heather Campbell
I have been excited about Halloween for the past few months...okay  maybe even longer.  I bought his costume several months ago and decided to keep it a secret until the big reveal.  I couldn't wait to dress him up even though he would only be trick or treating at his grandparents' houses and a few friends' houses.  The Saturday before Halloween we headed down to Gastonia to spend the day with Jamie's family.  We had Ryan dress up and ring the doorbell.  Much to his Nana and Papaw's surprise, their was an adorable blue monster at the door!  They gave him some toys, which took him no time to get into.  It surely was a great start to Halloween.
Then, Sunday we took Ryan to our neighborhood block party.  Of course, he went in costume and was announced on arrival "Everyone, look at this adorable blue monster riding on his daddy's shoulders".  I'm not one for a lot of attention so that was a bit much when everyone truly did stop and look and began with the "ah's" and "how adorable".  He ended up winning a prize for having the best kids costume.  I felt bad because he's too young to know the difference so I hope some of the older kids won awards too (they didn't announce the winners because they didn't want any hurt feelings...great idea).  The block party was so much fun and we even met a great couple with a 1 year old and another on the way.  That will be great for Ryan, 2 more playmates.
Then, the anticipation began setting in...Monday he would be trick or treating at his other grandparents' house and visiting some of mommy's friends who couldn't wait to see his surprise costume.  However, that didn't happen.  My little man got sick that morning and had to come home from Daycare with a fever and a bad cold.  Poor Ryan ended up being sick for a few days and couldn't enjoy his first Halloween.  At least he was able to enjoy Saturday and Sunday before getting sick.

I will be dressing Ryan back up on Saturday to go visit my parents.  I want to get my money's worth out of his costume!!  He's too cute in it to let it go unseen by his grandparents!