2 More Weeks!!

posted Apr 3, 2011, 3:21 PM by Heather Campbell
Ryan's due date is 2 weeks from today!!  That means he can actually come at any time now.  I originally wanted  him to come late so that I wouldn't have any extra days without pay at work.  However, like everyone told me, I have changed my mind.  I can't wait to meet him and I'm getting more uncomfortable each day so I am now hoping he decides to show his face a little early. 
We thought for a brief moment last night that we would be meeting him this weekend.  We went bowling with family and friends last night and I started having contractions about 10 minutes apart at the bowling alley.  At that moment I realized how scared I am of labor/delivery.  I started getting so scared and felt sick about the thought of going to the hospital to give birth.  The contractions stopped and I felt relieved and a sad at the same time.  I was relieved because I'm terrified of giving birth, but sad because I am anxious to meet him.  I know that I shouldn't be so scared of giving birth and I know that once it's truly happening my excitement will outweigh the fear, but I can't help but worry. 

I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if I'm dilated at all.  So far I haven't been dilated at all but he's dropping more and more each week.  I'll keep you updated as often as possible since his arrival is just around the corner!