On the Move!!!

posted Dec 4, 2011, 12:09 PM by Heather Campbell   [ updated Dec 4, 2011, 12:27 PM ]
I am excited to announce that we now have a crawler in our house!!!  Ryan's been getting closer and closer to crawling for the past few weeks and then yesterday he finally did it!  The first few tries weren't the prettiest, but today he's been quite the little pro at crawling.  What a huge accomplishment for my little man!!   There's just one minor problem...he wants to get to things he's not supposed to, of course.  He's been crawling straight to his Christmas presents and trying to tear them open every time I put him on the floor.  That is making me even more excited for Christmas. 

Ryan has also started making a lot more sounds lately.  He doesn't know what he's saying but he's really good at saying "Da Da", "Hi", "Ga", and just starting to say "Ma Ma".  It is so fun listening to him "talk" all the time.  It sounds like he says "I got it" when he catches his soccer ball and when he reaches the presents under the tree.  It's the cutest thing ever!!

The month of November was a rough one for our poor little guy so we are so happy that December is off to such a wonderful start.  November started off with his first cold, then he got both of his top teeth at the same time (a lot of pain for him), and then got the croup.  He was either sick or teething for the whole month of November so there were lots of tears and little sleep in the Campbell household.  December's been completely different so far.  Ryan is finally feeling better, he's happier, and he's back to sleeping through the night (for now).


Ryan, you have to wait until Christmas!


Drum Roll Please....here's a video of Ryan's first crawling experience!!