Ryan is now registered!

posted Jan 15, 2011, 10:45 AM by Heather Campbell
Hello everyone!
We have been asked several times if we have registered yet and where.  We finally went out and registered at Babies R Us and Target.  Let me tell you, it was overwhelming!!  There is so much to decide and so many things that we don't even know if we are supposed to have.  We are obviously new at this.  If you click on the Babies R Us and Target icons on the sidebar (to the left) it will take you to our registry.  There is not much on the Target registry but we needed to have some items from Target because we have some family and friends that don't have easy access to a Babies R Us.  The Babies R Us registry has oodles of baby stuff because we want everyone to have plenty of options to choose from and many different price ranges.  Jamie and I don't want anyone to feel like they need to get something for Ryan, we just want a variety of things available for those who wish to do so. 

Quick Update:
Ryan is still kicking around like crazy, especially at 4:00 am.  I love to feel him moving around, but I wish he'd find a better time to be most active!  I guess I'm already on his schedule (that didn't take long).  Haha. 
I am currently 26 weeks.  I go for my next appointment on January 26th.     
My belly is finally getting a bit bigger, but still not as big as you would think at this point.  I'm ready to pooch out a bit more so that it's obvious I'm preggers!  However, I'm finally in maternity jeans!!!  That was an exciting moment for me because it makes me feel so official!  I've started buying a few more maternity outfits but I don't really need them quite yet.   I will post a picture of my belly in a few more weeks...I'm hoping to be a bit bigger before I start posting belly pictures. 
Jamie is getting more and more excited each day to be a daddy!!  That  makes me so happy.  I'm crazy about this kiddo already and it's awesome to see Jamie so excited about him too!! 

Jamie's Job Update:
A lot of you have been asking about Jamie's new job.  He really enjoys it and is getting much more comfortable with his coworkers and position.  He's thinking about going back for his masters soon, but wants to wait until we get comfortable with having a new addition to our family.