1 month to go...

posted Mar 10, 2012, 10:22 AM by Heather Campbell   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 9:30 AM ]
I cannot believe my little man will be a year old next month!!  WHAT???
 We have had a very busy few months full of wonderful and some not-so-great memories.  Ryan has had a rough time lately with sickness.  It all started with a terrible cold, then he had pink eye, not once, not twice, but 3 times!!.  Since that obviously wasn't enough for our poor little fellow, he ended up getting a double ear infection after all that.  Ahhhhh!!!   While all the sickness was going on, Ryan was also teething like crazy.  He now has 8 teeth and currently working on number 9, which did not make things any easier.  Ryan is such a trooper though because he didn't let it get to him too badly.  A few of the days were extremely rough but for the most part he's been a happy little camper even with so much going on.

A few weeks ago Ryan had his first photo shoot out at Lake Norman.  I have been meaning to set one up for months now but with such a hectic schedule it hasn't been easy.  We finally did it and it was a blast!  Ryan did pretty good but wasn't in the mood for smiling a bunch that day.  Some of the pictures show serious and moody Ryan instead of giggly and happy Ryan but he is still precious none the less.  We are definitely going to set another shoot up in the near future when Ryan isn't teething so bad in hopes of more smiles.

There's also an exciting walking update to share with you.  The last time I posted, Ryan was just starting to take a few steps independently.  Well, out of the blue one evening he just started walking clear across the living room.  I thought it was a fluke somehow so I got him in position again and watched in amazement as he did it again.  He had been taking just a few steps and then falling over but this particular evening he was walking long distances and then sitting down on his own.  I still couldn't believe it so I kept having him do it and then when Jamie got home he was still walking like a champ.  We did a whole family happy dance and Ryan clapped and cheered for himself.  It was quite the evening.  I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to post something for everyone to see so I logged in to Facebook to share the wonderful news.  It finally dawned on me to get the video camera to get a clip of this huge accomplishment ...and things went downhill...Ryan decided he didn't want to walk anymore and wouldn't even try to take a step.  I thought maybe he's just cranky because it was pushing his bedtime so I let it go.  The next evening I couldn't wait to get him home from daycare to catch the walking on camera.  When I picked him up, his teachers were excited to tell me how much he had walked that day.  I rushed home, got the video camera ready, plopped Ryan down, and....NOTHING!!  My stubborn child would NOT walk for me!  So now I have decided to rephrase the statement from "Ryan is now walking" to "Ryan walks when he feels like it, but if you pressure him, forget it!".  Haha.  Everyone I have talked to says this is common so I will let him take his time with it and we'll see what happens.  I promise I will post a video as soon as I can get one! :-)

Well, the next update will be quite an exciting one...Ryan's first birthday!!!  We have it all planned now and are anxiously awaiting the big day!