A Week Old

posted Apr 20, 2011, 12:09 PM by Heather Campbell
Ryan is now a little over a week old and doing fantastic!!  He is just the sweetest little baby!  He sleeps a lot during the day but when he's awake he's very curious.  He tries to look all around and enjoys hanging out in his boppy.  He also enjoys tummy time with mommy and daddy.  We really can't complain about his night time sleeping.  We start getting him ready to go down around 9:00 and he goes about 3 hours at a time.  Some nights it's only 2 hour stints but other nights he goes a whole 4 hours.  For a newborn, that's not bad.  We can't wait for it to get even better so we can get some more sleep but that's every parent's wish.
Jamie took the first week off to spend time as a family of three.  Monday was very difficult for him to return to work.  He can't wait to get home nights and spend time with Ryan.  It's crazy how our world has changed so fast and we already can't picture life without Ryan.  He's such a blessing!!