Ryan's first Dr. visit

posted Apr 14, 2011, 10:50 AM by Heather Campbell
We can't believe how amazing it is to have Ryan home with us!  It has been a wonderful few days with him!  He is such a sweet little boy!  He has been sleeping a lot during the day but not so great at night.  We know that's typical and we try to get as much rest in as possible.  His first night home he was up almost every half hour until about 3 am.  Then he started sleeping for an hour at a time.  Last night he slept much better!  He slept 2 hours at a time and even 3 hours at one point.  Mommy and Daddy really appreciated that!! 
Ryan had his first appointment today to make sure he's healthy.  The doctor said he is doing wonderful and is very healthy.   He has actually gained weight which the doctor said is fabulous.  Most infants lose weight the first few days.  Let me tell you, he eats like crazy!!!  As soon as he's finished we change his diaper give him tummy time and then he's ready to eat again.  The only thing the doctor was concerned about is the jaundice.  Ryan seems to have more jaundice now than when he was first born.  They said we would get the results back later this afternoon to see how high his levels are for jaundice.  He may need to go back to the doctor tomorrow to check it out, but that's nothing serious. 
We were very happy to hear how healthy he is and have our next appointment scheduled for next Thursday.

I can assure you there will be more pictures to come from the proud daddy!!  He can't get enough pictures of our little man is so excited to share them with everyone!

The proud new parents!