Family Fun

posted Jun 7, 2014, 9:33 AM by Heather Campbell   [ updated Jun 7, 2014, 9:33 AM ]
We took Hannah on her first long trip for Memorial Day.  We went to West Virgina to visit Jamie's grandparents.  She did perfect in the car and slept through the night for the first time while we were there.  I was really surprised with the car ride because she is the complete opposite of Ryan when it comes to being in the car.  She seems to HATE it!  Anytime we're in the car and she's awake we have a screaming child.  If I sit next to her she usually does much better so I sat in between the kids on the way to WV.  It must've worked because Hannah didn't fuss once.  Great job baby girl!!

We had a great time in West Virginia and were able to have lots of quality time with family.  Ryan could get used to life in the country.  He absolutely loved riding in PawPaw's buggy, fishing, running around, and watching PawPaw's trains.  Oh, and going out for ice cream each day was enjoyable too!  It was exciting watching Ry fish for the first time and he was able to catch several little fishies.  He wanted nothing to do with touching them though.  It was really cute. 
Ryan is excited because he will be going back to West Virginia with his Aunt Katie for round 2 of country fun.

After coming back home, Hannah has been hit or miss with sleeping through the night.  Maybe in a couple of weeks she will be more consistent but I certainly can't complain!  She has also begun cooing and grinning a lot more which melts my heart!  Ryan will try anything to get her to grin.  He sings to her, dances for her, tickles her, hugs her, and "pets" her.  He is the sweetest big bro which makes her one lucky little girl.