5 months old!

posted Sep 18, 2011, 4:59 PM by Heather Campbell
I am pretty late on the update and I apologize!  Things are hectic in the Campbell household at the moment between Ryan, work, grad school, and time with family and friends.  We definitely stay busy but every minute is worth it! 
Ryan has gotten SO big!  I just can't believe how different he is each week.  He is now 5 months old and inching so much closer to some huge milestones. 

He is almost sitting up on his own now.  He will stay up for awhile and then topple over in slow motion.  He wants to stand all the time so it's hard to keep practicing the sitting.  As soon as you put him in a sitting position he pushes up to stand.  He also wants to crawl and is easily frustrated as he flails around on his tummy and doesn't go anywhere.  He sees all his friends crawling at daycare and can't figure out how to move around like them.  That will come all too soon and then I'm sure I'll be wishing he wasn't crawling yet. 

Ryan now has 2 front teeth!!!  Such excitement!  He has handled teething very well so far.  He has had a few nights where Tylenol is a must but not as bad as we expected.  It may get worse when his molars come in, though.  We shall see.

Ryan has continued traveling and is such a pro with it.  We took him to Gatlinburg and the beach.  He did awesome on both trips.  He wasn't sure what to think of the ocean but I think he will love it next year. 

We have tried out all the veggies and are currently trying each fruit.  So far I think his favorite veggie is peas.  However, his favorite solid food is, without a doubt, oatmeal!!  Ryan can put away some serious oatmeal and I've never seen him open his mouth so wide for food! 
He's starting to hold his bottle on his own which is really cute. 

Ryan is more and more curious each day.  His motor skills are getting much better.  He grabs, pulls, and pushes better now and loves to bring everything straight to his mouth.  He also likes to carry things from room to room.  His favorite morning activity is to grab his socks and carry them to the living room for me to put them on.  He has also discovered how much fun feet and toes are.  He constantly watches his feet and grabs his toes.  He wants to taste test them but his bellies a bit to big to get his feet to his mouth (big surprise, I know).  Ha!

Ryan is definitely an animal lover.  The highlight of his day is when our cat, Lulu stands next to him so he can pet her.  Sometimes he even giggles as he pets her.  The cat loves the attention and Ryan loves her soft fur.  It's a win-win.  We're trying to get the petting/giggling on video but you know it's difficult to get our dear Ryan to smile and laugh on camera.  He's been that way since birth. 

I know this was long but it's been awhile since I've updated and I can't keep up with how fast my sweet boy is growing!  He's just so amazing and I can't get enough!!  He absolutely melts my heart each day!!

Love you all!
The Campbell Family