Goodbye Summer Break

posted Aug 16, 2012, 1:19 PM by Heather Campbell
This has been a busy and exciting summer break filled with many new wonderful memories!!!  I hate to see it end, but am excited about a new school year.  This year I get to begin a new adventure, a 2nd/3rd grade combo class.  I've been thinking about moving from 2nd to 3rd grade but haven't had the guts to make the move.  Now, I get to teach both!!  This should be interesting and exciting. 

The best news about this upcoming school year is that I won't have to rush home to do grad work.  I have completed my Master's program and will have more time with my precious son!!  Yippeeeeee!!!  Grad school was definitely challenging with Ryan, but  well worth it.  I have become more knowledgeable with literacy tools and techniques and not to mention, I will get a pay increase!  :-) 
Now, it's Jamie's turn...He is starting grad school in just a few weeks so we are switching roles.  I get to play with Ryan while he's typing away on the computer.  I know he'll do great and it will open up so many doors for his future endeavors.

Summer fun:
Ryan and I had so much fun this summer.  When I wasn't working on grad work, we were making the most of every summer moment.  We played in the house and yard, had several play dates, enjoyed the pool, visited the raptor center, made Fridays splash pad day with  friends, played at different parks, enjoyed several picnics, and simply enjoyed being together!
I can't wait to see what fun next summer will hold for us and our friends.

Ryan's current favorite things:
Ryan LOVES to swim.  He no longer wants to sit in a raft, he wants to jump off the stairs and swim around without the help from us.  He has swimmies and just goes for it.  My little boy is such a fish.

One of Ryan's new favorite things is to talk on the phone.  He will pick up anything that resembles a phone (a toy phone, Mommy's phone, the remote, blocks, etc) and just start jabbering.  It's the cutest thing to watch him walk around the house chatting on his "phone".

Ryan still loves to grab a book, walk over to one of us, sit on our lap, and have us read it.  It's so sweet and I hope that doesn't change!