Potty Time

posted Jun 24, 2013, 5:11 AM by Heather Campbell
Since my last post, Ryan has been very inconsistent with using the potty.  He's been going every night before bedtime but daytime has been hit or miss.  That is until this week.  Daycare told me he has been getting much more consistent and wanted me to start sending him in underwear.  I thought this could turn out to be a huge mess but I trusted them and they were right!!  Ryan has now been in big boy underwear for 5 days with no accidents.  This also includes going potty in public consistently.   Ahhhhhh!!!  I'm so excited that we might be  done with daily diapers.  Ryan will obviously still need them overnight until he can make it all night without accidents but this is such a success!!
For anyone who has talked to me about potty training in the last 2 months (since Ry turned 2) knows how stressed and frustrated I was with his inconsistency and wondering what I could do to help him out.  Everyone told me he would get better when he was ready and I guess they were right.  Thanks everyone for the support with this milestone!  I know he's not completely there because we'll still deal with some inconsistencies, especially in public, but I couldn't be more thrilled with his accomplishments at this point.
I am one happy Mommy!!