Baby Update

posted Nov 30, 2010, 4:55 PM by Heather Campbell
We are going to do the best we can keeping everyone updated with the latest news.

I am officially at 20 weeks and halfway there!!!!  That is so hard to believe!  I just had a doctor appointment this afternoon and Ryan appears to be doing great!  I had to get another ultrasound done since he was stubborn last time and wouldn't show the tech his heart.  He showed off his heart today and it was the final checkoff for him being  healthy at this point.  That's great news!  His heart beat is 145 bpm, which they say is excellent.  I go back for my next appointment on December 28th.

Over the weekend, Jamie and I felt Ryan move for the first time.  I kept feeling little fluttery feelings in my belly and thought maybe I had terrible gas.  I finally told Jamie about it and he put his hand over my stomach and said it was definitely the baby.  I didn't realize we would be able to feel him on the outside already but it definitely was an amazing feeling!  Now, I've been feeling him at different times throughout each day since I know what it feels like.

We've been very busy on the nursery.  We wanted to get it ready quickly since we had so much family around for Thanksgiving and more again at Christmas.  We painted it a baby blue.  We bought furniture, wall decorations, and bedding.  We have so much left to do, but it's nice to have an early start.   We will post pictures as soon as the crib comes in.

I absolutely love the holidays and this extra excitement makes the holiday season even more special and memorable!  Jamie and I hosted Thanksgiving again this year at our house.  We loved seeing so much family and spending quality time with everyone.  Now, we're anxiously awaiting Christmas.  It was like pulling teeth, but Jamie put our outside lights up over Thanksgiving break (he says every year that he won't do it again, but then I bat my eyelashes and ask real nice).  Haha!  Actually, I tell him he has no choice!!  ;-)  Our tree and other indoor decorations are up, presents are bought and wrapped, and stockings are hung!  I absolutely love this time of year!

Jamie wants me to inform everyone that if you search "Heather and Jamie" our website is at the top of the list in Google.  He is very excited about this.  It's the little things that excite my husband if you couldn't tell!! 

Here are a few new pictures...we have 2 great profile shots and one that lets us know he's still a boy!!  :-)  Enjoy!