The Big 1!!!

posted Apr 10, 2012, 10:06 AM by Heather Campbell   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 10:08 AM ]
A year ago today I was anticipating the arrival of my precious baby boy!!  I knew life would never be the same but I didn't know just how many special moments and memories each day would bring.  I have had so many mixed emotions these past few days because I'm not sure if I'm happy that my sweet boy is growing or if I'm sad that he's growing wayyyyy too fast!  This past year has flown by but at the same time it's hard to picture what life was like before Ryan became a part of the family!  All I know is that each day has been a wonderful adventure and I am excited to see what this next year has in store.  There's nothing like watching your child grow and learn right before your eyes.  These past few months you can really see Ryan thinking hard about things and becoming much more curious about the world around him so the next few months should be wonderfully interesting!

A year of precious, lovable Ryan moments:
    *Ryan's birth
    *Coming home with our precious addition to the family
    *Ryan getting to meet family and friends
    *Ryan smiling
    *The POUTY face
    *Ryan laughing
    *Sleeping through the night
    *Summer fun at the pool and beach
    *Ryan rolling around
    *Ryan eating solid foods
    *Ryan crawling
    *Ryan loving up on the kitty cat
    *Ryan laughing
    *Ryan finger-painting
    *Ryan walking
    *Ryan LOVING to be outside
    *Ryan finding his belly button on command
    *Ryan splashing in the tub
    *Ryan jabbering non-stop
    *Ryan laughing
    *Ryan being a daredevil
    *Ryan enjoying playdates with friends
    *Ryan at the airport lookout
    *Ryan clapping
    *Ryan blowing kisses
    *Wrestling with Ryan when he becomes the "Ryanator"
    *Did I mention Ryan laughing???!!!

We celebrated Ryan's birthday on Saturday.  We rented a facility at Frank Liske Park and enjoyed time with family and friends as we celebrated our little man's first birthday.  We were lucky to have beautiful weather so we were able to move the party outside to let the little kiddos play while the big kiddos (adults) had a chance to catch up and play horseshoes.   After the party, family came back to the house for some more fun and cornhole while Ryan took a much needed nap.  Then, we kept the birthday festivities going when Ryan woke up to open presents and go to dinner.  What a fun-filled day for such a sweet baby boy!  Thanks again to everyone who made it so special for our family!!