Bumps Everywhere!!

posted Jul 15, 2012, 4:37 PM by Heather Campbell
My poor kiddo has had hives since Thursday.  When they first appeared, it didn't look too bad so I wasn't very concerned.  Ryan has had plenty of small rashes before so I just assumed this was just another little rash.  However, it did not get better Friday so I took him straight to the doctor.  She had no idea what to tell me...she didn't know if it was bug bites, food allergy, contact allergy, or something unrelated.  She wasn't much help but said if it got worse to keep an out and give him a little Benadryl. 
Over the weekend, the hives looked much worse and traveled a little further so to say the least I was a nervous mommy.  The Benadryl definitely helped and Ryan has not seemed bothered at all by the bumps so I feel better about it.  I am taking him back to the doctor tomorrow (Monday) to have another opinion and to figure out what we should do to help them go away (although everyone says it just takes time for them to disappear).  This has been a stressful few days and the only thing keeping me calmer about it is the fact that the doctor and most other people feel it's not as serious as it looks.  Also, Ryan has been acting completely normal and I know if it was serious he wouldn't feel as great.
I will keep everyone updated on the mystery bumps.

Tube update:
Another stress to add to all of this is Ryan's upcoming tube surgery.  He will be getting tubes on Wednesday, which will hopefully help his ears FINALLY drain fluid!!  He's such a trooper but I'm ready for him to feel better and hear/speak clearer.  No mother wants their child to have anesthesia at such a young age, but I know it's an extremely common and easy procedure.  I will only be away from my sweet boy for 10 minutes which gives me comfort.  I'm sure it will feel like a VERY long 10 minutes but at least I'll have my hubby there for support!

We'll keep you all posted on these stressful Ryan moments in our life.