Smarty Pants

posted Oct 1, 2014, 5:44 PM by Heather Campbell
Ryan surprises us each day with how smart he is and how much he loves to learn.  He has always been into books and loved learning his letters.  Now, he takes any chance he gets to practice letter sounds and spell out words (at least the beginning of them).  Every time we're in the car he'll say some words and then sound them out and tell us the letters.  He gets so excited when he does this and of course we do too!!!  He's also begun doing this when I'm reading books to him.  He'll point to words and start sounding them out all on his own.  He just loves to learn and challenge himself.  I sure hope that quality sticks with him!
He also loves numbers so I've already bought him some math games and bear counters.  He loves to try to count things and has started adding items together as well.  When I realized how interested he was with starting to add, I began working with him with teddy bear counters and he absolutely loves it.  He'll even give himself an addition problem and then either use his fingers or the counters to solve it and then show me and Daddy.  You go, Ryan!  

The very curious side has also begun.  The "why" stage is in full swing.  Everything is "why" or "how" and no answer seems to be good enough.  Ha!  I love that he's curious but it can sure get exhausting!  I know all you mommies with talkers can relate!